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Premiere: CVBox – Lackporling

Over the course of the past few years the discreet CVBox has been steadily expanding his well-groomed sound palette at a rather steady pace, moving from claustrophobic deep techno to spacious ambient-leaning blends and knotty acidic electronics, all the while maintaining a sure-handed cohesiveness throughout diverse rhythms and styles.

With his debut long-player for the ever consistent Uncanny Valley set to hit the stores in a few days, the German producer doesn’t stray far off the foundations laid by his previous EPs but breathe in an extra touch of airiness and introspective force that was yet to be developed to such extents. In the space of eleven solid analogue slabs rife with lush atmospherics and propulsive grooves, CVBox weaves a compelling and immersive audio narrative as a way-out to our immediate, lack-lustre reality.

Our pick, the deep 4/4 roller ‘Lackporling‘ is perhaps the best possible example of this more deliberately reflexive aesthetic, yet not quite saying goodbye to a certain floor functionality. Melding a microcosm of subtle minimal clicks and iridescent synth motifs with a steadfast, bouncy bassline to harness it all, CVBox’s silken arrangements exploit a well impressive depth of field to ensure outstanding long-term efficiency over its 8 minutes of progressive tech outpouring.

So ist es im Nadelwald is scheduled for release via Uncanny Valley on 16th January 2017, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Oberla 8
A2. 707 Dubbing
A3. i.v.Box
B1. Stalking Club
B2. CV Cat
B3. Dr. Wozu
C3. Droid cv2XX
D1. Lackporling
D2. New Oberla

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