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Video Premiere: Panthera Krause ‘The Space Between Us’

Fresh off the release of Panthera Krause’s debut solo slab for Uncanny Valley, we’re now glad to bring you the exclusive video premiere for the beautiful ‘The Space Between Us’, directed by talented photographer and video artist Lisa Geue.

Uncanny Valley Soundsystem

Dresden based imprint ‘Uncanny Valley’ celebrate their 5 year anniversary with a three-hour toboggan ride through mind-expanding deep house skylines and snaky electro synthlines zested with ruthless bass-driven grooves.

Jaures: Shtum 006

‘Detitled’, ‘Davos’ and ‘Nascent’ function as a musical triptych, borrowing fragments from the previous and paving the way for the next to come with a consistent sense of originality and liaison. The tunes unravel so naturally that this might well sound like the perfect jam session, rich in surprises yet impeccably wrapped-up.

Various: Uncanny Valley 003

1. One Day in Metropia – Night Train
2. Credit 00 – Eiserne Lunge
3. Stefan Lohse – Fog Patches
4. Projektname Unbekannt – Dresden, den 15.05.2005