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Various: Uncanny Valley 004

With this, the fourth and final piece in Uncanny Valley‘s showcase EP series, the Dresden-based label has again delivered a crafty take on advanced acid techno and house. The label gleefully boasts a city-centric roster with a deep appreciation of the power of intercontinental rave.

In the space of a year, the collective has dropped four valiant releases onto unsuspecting EDM heads worldwide. By night, Uncanny Valley’s exploits have seen action from Panorama Bar to Altes Wettbuero.

Sneaker’s ‘You Think You Think!’ opens the release, shuffling through a twisted take on techno’s 7AM anthem anxiety. The tune works its way through 12 minutes of countless claps, brutally phased hats and swift sixteenths; rarely taking a break from its unrelenting stride. It reeks of white noise and smarmy danceability.

cvbox’s ‘machine match’ is an acidic Drexciya number, bit-crushing its way in robotic fashion. Its repetition smugly ignores melody, and instead focuses on the grainy dynamics of mid-range frequency. It aggressively shifts shape between the warmth and liquid properties of vintage synthesis.

After some brilliant excursions on UV’s previous releases, Stefan Lohse appears for the label once more, offering up the analogue gem of ‘Plätschern’. Lohse delivers a release-stealing performance: brilliant in its minutiae and delicate movement.

A Moog stab expands vividly over sneaky hat work, eventually muffling itself into line with an effervescent pad. An industrial whir ties the piece together, as scattered rim shots are delayed beyond recognition. Lohse’s signature meaty kick drum thuds beneath. ‘Plätschern’ is simply the radiant and blissful journey of an excellent producer.

With a series of artist focused EPs next in line, Uncanny Valley’s intriguing contributions to the revival of left-field acid are sure to continue, in fine style.