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Premiere: D.K. – Going Into Trance

Nearly a year on since the drop of his latest EP, ‘Mystery Dub‘, issued via Music From Memory’s offshoot Second Circle, D.K. returns with ‘The Goddess Is Dancing‘ – a thematic five-track cassette for hyperactive French label, Good Morning Tapes.

If he produces jacking lo-fi tech beats of the finest ilk as 45 ACP, Dang Khoa Chau delves deep into Easternmost exotica and post-balearic soundscapes to forge his own extended blends of laid-back, sunbeaten exploratory grooves as D.K. Enlightening its listener in the process with greater acuity, this new tape heads for no other direction but trance-inducing spiritual paths and introspective ways.

Inspired by ‘Hau Dong‘, i.e. a five-part Vietnamese ritual ceremony where spirit mediums dance to honour the mythical goddesses of forest, water and heaven, it’s a durably haunting journey you’re invited to take part in.

Premiereing through our channels today, ‘Going Into Trance‘ melds woozy vibraphonic melodies with intricate interplays of slow-blazing polyrhythms and otherworldly chimes, all aimed at plunging you into a state of tranquil rapture. The very core of the record, not to say its vital kernel, this one’s as relaxing a number as it helps re-calibrate your heart onto new, unsuspectedly stirring tribal pulsations. Get your chakras aligned with this stoned but lurid downtempo belter.

The Goddess Is Dancing is out now via Good Morning Tapes, order a copy from the label’s webshop.


1. The Three Realms
2. The Goddess Is Dancing
3. Going Into Trance
4. Forest Palace
5. Summoning The Spirits

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