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Premiere: Distorted Portrait – Raw Culture

Operating out of the city of the seven hills, Distorted Portrait is a lo-fi house and techno duo formed of Luca Gentile and Giovanni Inglese, which we’ve been glad to introduce you first via our Farr Festival x Inverted Audio podcast series. Hot off the press, the first instalment in their new Raw Culture collection – ‘Pushers 01‘, is about to hit the shelves on April 25th.

As we’re closing in on the official drop, we’re proud to premiere the duo’s dusty torch-bearing ‘Raw Culture‘. Smashing a rough-hewn 4/4 over acid-dipped gurgles and polychromatic synth ripples, the track entwines a sleazy basement vibe with a finely iridescent Chicagoan feel. Straight to the core.

Pushers 01 is released via Raw Culture on April 25th, order a copy here.


1. VNZO – Adentro
2. Distorted Portrait – Raw Culture
3. Thought Project – Flown The Temple
4. Pablo Diskko – Ununpentium 115
5. Danilo Scamandro – Verde Acido

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