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Vester Koza debuts on Houndstooth with ‘OTR’ EP

Starting with gabber, drum & bass and hardcore music during his teens, then focusing on music production when he moved to London, Vester Koza established his own record label ‘Maslo‘ back in 2012, to release four stand out EP’s.

For his next four-track release, Vesta Koza steps out of his comfort zone to release “OTR” EP on Houndstooth, scheduled for release at the end of May 2016.

OTR EP presents the producers signature introspective and dreamy electronic music, ranging from down-pitched jungle beats, aerial synths of the title track, fleeting minimal kicks and sci-fi tones of ‘ROBOCow.exe’ and the stormy melodic crescendo of ‘served_on_barm [4/3]’.

Nothing about this EP, the artist behind it or the titles contained within is in any way conventional, and for that reason it is a truly stand alone proposition.

OTR is released via Houndstooth on 27th May 2016. 

  • Read our interview with Vester Koza about his PRISN release on Maslo.
  • Artwork by Sarah Hammond.


A1. OT_R~cord [4.10]
B1. ROBOCow.exe
B2. served_on_barm [4/3]
B3. ZRTP [P-Bass_special]

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