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Premiere: DJ Solange – Ligne Haute Tension

From a polymorphic, hard-working crew of people expending great effort in making Nantes a bastion of the French nightlife to a newly founded eponymous record label branch, Abstrack Records is a collective that’s known to change and adapt, multiplying endeavours upstream and downstream by promoting emerging artists, connecting the art players, setting up parties and festivals, or curating a wide array of cultural events in the Loire Atlantique capital and its area.

Kicking things off in coherent manner, Abstrack Records gathered a pair of rising acts for their very first record, ‘Fréquence Pure Vol. 1‘, coming out early October in all good record stores. While the side A is taken care of by Paris-based producer DJ Solange, here stepping up with a pair of big-room epics, The Balek Band gets further Salon des Amateurs-esque on the flip.

Our pick ‘Ligne Haute Tension‘ – literally ‘high-voltage line’ – sports a much apt title given its electrifying nature. Hear the kicks thump and the bass roar as heads begin to swivel, it’s Solange making an entrance into the club. Blasting a fury of compressed claps, clanging hats and cosmic synthwaves bringing in a healthy dose of nostalgia, the sound system forecasts rough weather for the coming weeks, with a severe depression over Nantes. The Solange hurricane is coming for you.

Fréquence Pure Vol. 1 is released via Abstrack Records on 5th October, pre-order a copy from


A1. DJ Solange – Delphinarium
A2. DJ Solange – Ligne Haute Tension
B1. The Balek Band – Superbia
B2. The Balek Band – Without Joe

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