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Premiere: DJ Spider – Necro Nebula

Plan B owner Rob Hampton’s DJ Spider moniker may be his most widely-known, the NY-based artist also produces music as Kuru, Spider Bites or Alarma… all these monikers reflecting the various facets of the artist’s raw experimental techno productions (Kuru is actually an endemic disease transmitted via funeral cannibalism in tribal regions of Papua New Guinea…).

Also known for his releases on TTT along Marshallito, DJ Spider keeps delving in techno’s darkest fringes with his new contribution to Atrophic Society, the imprint founded in 2014 by Melbourne-based producer Vohkinne. The label has recently announced its first V.A. compilation, featuring the likes of Echologist, Vohkinne, Material Object and obviously Hampton himself – due out on the second week of September.

Our pick, Spider’s ‘Necro Nebula’, raises the curtain on a warlike scenario between astral bodies: as black holes spit their antimatter, reverberated echoes of meteor shower relentlessly and a padded lunar melody announces the arrival of an army of blue suns. Yet another full-on tribal tech mind-bender from the Arachnid-friendly producer. Humongous.

‘ASVA’ is released via Atrophic Society on 9th September 2016, order a copy via Juno.


A1. Echologist – Splatter Ballistics Cop
A2. DJ Spider – Necro Nebula
AA1. Material Object – Wipe Out
AA2. Vohkinne – Null

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