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Premiere: Neotnas – Morning Way

Following up to releases by E.L.I.O. and JACKIE, year old Italian label Dancing Like Quagmire welcome Chelyabinsk-based producer Neotnas to the family. The mini album ‘Illusion Of Modern Cities‘ is scheduled for landing on September 19th.

From ‘ELIN‘, which draws its title from the world’s first ever outdoor video screen (located at New Arbat street in Moscow) to the sample-laden melodies of ‘Colorful Tension‘ and our premiere ‘Morning Way‘ – inspired by the soviet movies and jazz scene from back then, Neotnas weaves a unique narrative throughout five cuts of cheerful yet nostalgic house.

Haunted by Ivan Pona’s voluptuous sax solos, ‘Morning Way‘ meshes a classic Chicagoan shuffle and elastic bass line with mangled vox bits, setting its languid slo-mo groove against an alluring retro-laced ambient backdrop. Rolling deeper than deep, this smooth kaleidoscopic chugger shall please all fans of MCDE and beyond.


A1. Elin (Screen Spirit)
A2. Colorful Tension
A3. Don’t Rush With Dubjazz
B1. Morning Way
B2. Come (feat. Ivan Pona)

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