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Premiere: DJ Uijui – Every

Helsinki via London-based Cold Blow Records line up their next 12″ from Finnish producer DJ Uijui – serving up three house and techno tracks with a distinct twist.

Whilst clearly influenced by central Europe’s dance music cities — the producer’s self-styled alias, ‘Dimitri from Tyrnävä’, shows both his humour and his tastes — there’s something about the productions on Uijui’s ‘Woke Up‘ EP, which seems to speak of the distinctly less urban environment of Northern Finland.

Our premiere shows anything but a bucolic sound; ‘Every‘ is a tight techno roller that begs for play in basement clubs and warehouse floors alike. Pitching the listener straight into the deep from the first steps, the track balances oscillating high-end with evocative dark sweeps, kept to heel under the deep thud of the 4/4 kicks. Doubtlessly a track for nights of endless dancing.

‘Woke Up’ is scheduled for release on vinyl 25 September via Cold Blow Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Every
2. Manto
3. We Woke Up At 4 AM