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Premiere: DOTT – Spacey Mango

Following the success of the rough-as-old-nails electro slammer ‘Van Turbo‘, from producer Rudoh, Pakistani label Jugaar Records step onto their second record by Thai musician DOTT, the deceptively innocent-sounding ‘Puppy Luv‘ EP.

Sweet as it sounds, the tunes of ‘Puppy Luv‘ are extremely far from saccharine-sweet ditties for young in-loves to whistle to one another — if, on the last 12″, Rudoh owned the fastball electro sound (perfectly supplemented by a real fuzzer of a remix from Shedbug), DOTT seems to be the one to grapple with that squelchy trance-techno hybrid style of dancefloor material, along with a fair helping of good old house style dancefloor material which might better fit the EP title.

Spacey Mango‘ takes the biscuit — another tongue-in-cheek title, perhaps, but one which also belies the decency of the music. Adjacent to all that dancefloor fire from Planet Euphorique (albeit at a half-step slower), and affiliated current tastemakers, the track has it all: psychedelic tunneling earworms targeting that sweet dancefloor euphoria? Check. Chugging, stepping percussion? Check. Flirty behaviour with acid templates? But of course. Another sterling silver record from an upstart label representing the electronic scene from a unique perspective. Don’t sleep and miss your flight.

‘Puppy Luv’ is out now on digital, vinyl expected 15 May. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. What Am I Gonna Do
2. Spacey Mango
3. Puppy Luv
4. Puppy Luv (Titonton Duvante FLiP)