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Premiere: E Davd – Habitable Zone

The first and last time we featured E Davd was on the occasion of his arresting debut EP ‘Star Sign‘ on Manchester’s Natural Sciences a few months ago, so when we were offered to premiere a cut from Sydney-based label Soul Spill Recordings‘ exciting debut instalment – featuring the likes of international prospects such as Bakground, Sumorai and DJ Whipr Snipr, we didn’t have to think long before accepting, eager to see what the Aussie producer had under the bonnet.

Habitable Zone‘ oscillates between candor and ruggedness, navigating across the meanders of 303-ridden reliefs but all eyes on the upper spheres of the astral sky. If the drum programming doesn’t shine by its originality, it’s the way E Davd composes and arranges his intricate skeins of synthesized pipelines, cascading chimes and corroding acid bass that truly wins the day here. Add to that a welcome touch of interplanetary funk and a fine sense for creating danceable narratives and you get a hell of a juicy cosmonautics-friendly cocktail.

SSR001: Exploration Spilling VA is released on 14th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. E Davd – Habitable Zone
2. Mondo1 – Socotra
3. Sumorai – Zigzag
4. Bakground – Escape from Reality
5. B. Hayes – Spring Peach
6. Toaka – Tavata
7. DJ Whipr Snipr – Foul Mouthed
8. Mr. Roarke – One Hill in Chicago

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