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Premiere: Lemna – Metamorphosis

The latest release from the Berlin based record label Horo comes from Japanese artist Maiko Okimoto, set to release a four-tracker of mercurial techno under the alias of Lemna.

Traversing between hypnotic polyrhythms and greyscale rigidity, the Japanese artist delivers a bracing set of tracks that immediately sets her apart from contemporaries; with “Metamorphosis” speaking to us most confidently of them all.

From murky obsolescence to cathartic percussive mayhem, the journey from beginning to end exemplifies the poise and prowess that Lemna is capturing within her debut solo EP for Horo. We can’t wait to hear and see what she comes up with next.

Urge Theory EP is scheduled for release 10th November 2017, order a vinyl copy here.


1. Dice
3. Metamorphosis
4. Blot

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