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Premiere: Eraldo Bernocchi & Hoshiko Yamane – Dance Zero

Always top-draw, Denovali Records return with an enthralling record from an arresting duo: Italian composer Eraldo Bernocchi joins forces with Japanese violinist, composer and electronic producer Hoshiko Yamane to create their album, ‘Mujo‘.

It’s always a pleasure to find such a high-calibre collaboration between artists. Bernocchi, a renowned composer and musician in his own right, frequently creates music alongside others, including the supremely esteemed Harold Budd, and recently with Japanese ambient maestro Chihei Hatakayema. Yamane holds similar ground to Bernocchi: the violinist’s contributions to Tangerine Dream have seen some of the strongest music in recent years from the legendary and ever-evolving group.

No surprises, then, that this record matches the lofty expectations granted by the pair. ‘Dance Zero‘ sees their partnership confirmed, through their rich and cinematic score. Seamlessly merging the electronic and the acoustic, the pair weave a mournful dance amid trembling strings and synthesizers, first moving in unison before shifting into opposition with another. It shows their tremendous collective ability, but at its core the duet feels much like the attainment of a single vision —here then, their harmony is perhaps strongest.

‘Mujo’ is scheduled for release 11 December via Denovali Records. Order a copy from Denovali.  


1. Floater
2. Future Suns
3. Dance Zero
4. Hokorobi
5. Phenomenon
6. Fall
7. Endure
8. Muga