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Premiere: Eva 00 – Mais A Fond

Think yourself cooler than Michael Bublé on a cocaine binge? We got some music that goes with the rattle of his buttery voice that supplies his lifestyle… stepping out onto The Other Planet, is a brand new release that’s welter-weight worthy of slaps and taps – and we got you a premiere to boot.

Eva 00, the one-time hot dog noshing competition winner and all around provocateur associated with VERTV Records, has released a champion riddim sound via a 4 track extended player ‘Facepalm Moments From The Past‘. Much like that Friday night you had with the boys, when Kirky shat his pants… accidents happen, but banging night tho cuzzie.

Giving headway more than Kim K on Ray J, there are some real sweet moments on the EP, from glossy lo-fi house to emotional gluten-free ragga & ska… just kidding about the last one. But really doe, Eva 00 under his first official release has crafted some gems to bang out.

Check out the premiere to “Mais A Fond” – a mellow glitchy house jam packed with apricots and dusty vocals, to assist you with getting tucked into that Bublé lifestyleeeeeee. If the one track just isn’t enough, the EP is full of sun glistened tender house moments, far juicer than those shrivelled red hot thighs and warm pint you bought at St. Louis Wings.

When asked about the process behind the succulence of his lemon pepper wings, Eva 00 (who shall remain anonymous for reasons directly correlated with goats going missing in Nepal) stated that “it’s an intimate project, turned towards the future and the search of a singular writing” – which is basically saying that he added sriracha sauce, getting the idea from a Tinder match he ghosted after she wrote the ingredients on a napkin.

True say ma G, whether you find the draw of Yaw Yaw Yaw appealing or the emotional tinges in the self-titled Facepalm Moments from the Past evocative, there’s some decent cuts here to shimmy through your sets and to iron your thrift shit to, but don’t be using no emoji you fuckers.

‘Facepalm Moments From The Past’ is out today on The Other Planet, and is more grabbable than Kylie Jenner’s ass. Buy a copy from Juno.


A1. Mais à Fond
A2. Facepalm Moments From The Past
B1. Yaw Yaw Yaw

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