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Premiere: Fia Fiell – Caju

After a successful first number released last year which gathered the likes of Daze, Albrecht La’Brooy and Mic Mills, Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head team up again for the second volume of the ‘Domestic Documents‘ series – a collection of unreleased tracks mapping the finest of Australia’s underground electronic music scene in a sexy double-12″ folder.

Surrounded by a flurry of gifted producers such as Perth’s pathfinder Ewan Jansen and new WA prospects Phil Stroud and Senate, we find Melbourne’s rising talent Fia Fiell breaking through beautifully with the silk-smooth ‘Caju‘. A lushly-textured immersion into hazy, organic soundscapes and dubby potholes, her track seems to shed skins bar after bar, chameleonic and elusive, picturing a rainbow-hued spectrum of colours and moods that’s no short of riveting. Beauty.

Domestic Documents Vol. 2 is released via Butter Sessions on 3rd November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ewan Jansen – Motif Of A Fish
2. Fia Fiell – Caju
3. Cale Sexton & Sleep D – Strait Bass
4. Roman Nails – Fresh Fruit
5. Booshank – Bully (Deep Daddy)
6. Phil Stroud – City Living
7. Norachi – C376
8. Miris – Unity Of Opposites
9. Colours Of Infinity – Frequency Shift
10. Hotrod – Peppermint Darling
11. Kangaroo Skull – Black Shore
12. Senate – Chambers

Discover more about Fia Fiell on Inverted Audio.