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Premiere: Forest Drive West – Falling Upright

Dinamplatz were due to release their ‘Good, But Not Right‘ compilation around the time when global lockdowns were beginning to take effect. With the timing seeming off, the crew decided to make the best of challenging times by crafting a unique and striking gatefold vinyl release for the collection.

As you grab it in your hands – ready to get your teeth into some rasping jungle from Radioactive Man and Monoak, Boojiboy’s speaker ruining grooves, short circuiting electro and peak acid from no data available and 2Flex Crew – imagine the delight as the cover unfolds to reveal a pop-up diorama of a village green, complete with traditional imagery of Victorian dog walkers, a Tudor beamed mansion, and a large chicken pushing a lawnmower.

Our pick is Forest Drive West track ‘Falling Upright‘ – its combination of razor sharp shards of breaks, ever-present clanking ghost ship bell, and mid-century British horror vocal snippets sat well with the aberrant nature of the entire package. This is rave for the Scarfolk Council generation.

‘Good, But Not Right’ is scheduled for release 3 December via Dinamplatz. Order a copy from Bleep. The pop-up gatefold is limited to 50 copies, so get on this quickly!


A1. Alice Ant – Arp 2
A2. Forest Drive West – Falling Upright
B1. Monoak – Johnny Jungle
B2. Radioacive Man – Clap Ya Hands
C1. Boojiboy – Devolution
C2. no data available – Acid Rambler
C3. 2Flex Crew – Dangerou$
D1. Tengui – Fiyah