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Premiere: Awkward Moments – Delighted to be Free

!K7 sub-label 7K!, joins 2020’s compilation melee with ‘Ambient Layers‘, a sprawling 20-track assortment of ambient works, carefully selected from a unique and exciting spread of artists.

Showcasing the imprints’ dedication to providing out-there music, the compilation’s pick of inimitable artists includes offerings Douglas Kallmeyer, Midori Hirano, and Lisa Morgenstern. Crossing often into modern classical territory, frequently blended with electronic instruments, it’s a must-have for ambient treasure seekers with an open approach.

With such a breadth of artists on offer, it’s not surprising to see each bringing a unique approach to the concept of “ambient” music — a word that is swiftly losing ability to accurately define much of the music released under the umbrella term. As such, expect each track to direct your attention towards a different facet of the ever-expanding genre.

Heading up the back end of the compilation, Awkward Moments‘ ‘Delighted to be Free‘ focusses on a nuanced, dark palette. Weighing in heavy on synth production, the track’s remembrance of early computer-centric productions is clear, with wandering arpeggiators dancing about at both the high and low octaves, harmonising in moments, before diverging to perform their own rhythm.

‘Ambient Layers’ is scheduled for release 4 December via 7K!. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Roger Goula – Ontology of Things
2. Herdís Stefánsdóttir – Þoka
3. Adam Wiltzie – How to Disappear Inside a Thirty Piece Orchestra
4. Ryan Teague – Floodgate
5. Tilman Robinson – The Mind Scans and Maps the World Behind
6. TENGGER – Solongo
7. Lisa Morgenstern – Calling You
8. Michel Banabila & Machinefabriek – Cassina
9. Holographic Field – Passing
10. Frieder Nagel – Dawn
11. Pjusk – Seil
12. Midori Hirano – Insomnia
13. Rutger Hoedemaekers – Done Our Share of Reading and We’ve Worked on Our Lace
14. Robert Lippok – With Tomorrow
15. Daughter Produkt – Anisotropy
16. Douglas Kallmeyer – Sleep; Deprivation
17. Hannes Kretzer – Juno Had a Sad Dream
18. Tara Nome Doyle & 1k Flowers – Clemency
19. Awkward Moments – Delighted to be Free
20. Guillaume Tiger – Le Rivage de l’Être