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Premiere: Forest Management – Mother

Since his first album came out in 2012, Chicago-based artist and composer John Daniel – better known as Forest Management – has been stacking up releases at an astounding rate, putting out countless EPs and up to 25 full-length records in five years, including a hefty lot of self-released pieces. Amply meditative and soothingly inward-gazing, Daniel’s craft is defined by its whelming power of virtualisation – opening wide-scope bays onto the human soul – its emotional scars, trauma and simple pleasures – as well as the infinite regenerative virtue of music and art.

Hot on the heels of a handful tape albums and another couple EPs in 2018, Forest Management returns with ‘21st Century Man‘ – his second vinyl release after the 2015-released ‘Encounter‘. Lifted from this new age odyssey-like album that gives further prominence to Daniel’s otherworldly soundscapes, we’re happy to present you the LP’s heart-rending closer, ‘Mother‘ – a track that ebbs and flows with the quiet of a suspended nostalgic tide but is geared to fracture one’s most solid shell with its all-devouring light – a bright beam of hope radiating across an ocean of sorrow. We bet you that the tears are going to flow with this one; tears of joy, pain and gratitude. Sublime.

21st Century Man is released via Terrible Cloud Records on 17th August, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Stream
2. Club Vantage Point
3. Flying Through The Night
4. Cheers To Your Success (Rush Street)
5. Liquid Therapy
6. Leaving The Party
7. All For a Moment of Pleasure
8. 2079 / Entry
9. Mother

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