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Premiere: Gazatech – Polychromatic Therapy

After a particularly impressive breakthrough year punctuated with a flock of first-rate releases for Exotic Dance Records, Opal Tapes and Cult Trip amongst others, Jio Alberto Nadal aka J. Albert attacked the new season pedal to the metal.

For his third solo release of 2016, Nadal lands on newly established Muscovite label Private Persons. Unearthing his old moniker Gazatech for the occasion, the Brooklyn-based producer dug up four cuts shining with the same soulful Chicagoan glaze that made his reputation – as attested by the outrageously sensuous lead track ‘I’m Okay‘.

Our pick, ‘Polychromatic Therapy‘, offloads a quirky shuffling pulse over soul-stirring vox samples and dissonant sirens, limping its way through FX-modified folds as an arpeggiated synth crescendo stitches the various elements together. The melody flickers like a dying flame, veering off ever closer to the collapse without toppling completely. Wonky lo-fi.

I’m Okay is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. I’m Okay
A2. Data Bed Lovers
B1. Polychromatic Therapy
B2. Mercury Cocktail

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