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Premiere: Niro – Hands Of Shadow

Niro Perrone is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. After helping run his brother’s label Unclear and releasing a handful of EPs for Amsterdam’s Sound Of Vast and Fabrizio Maurizi’s Memento inter alia, the Arezzo-based producer eventually takes the plunge with his own imprint PADS, whose first outing is scheduled for landing on 12th October.

Taking charge of the debut instalment himself, Niro dishes out four cuts of low-slung deep house tinged with liquid dub and minimal accents – deploying a wide scope of moods and ambiences through woozy melodies and smooth propulsive grooves.

Our premiere ‘Hands Of Shadow‘ puts on an elegiac vibe, dipping its raw, unpolished drum work into versicolor pools of synth modulations and syrupy pads. Just imagine going for a trek in the forest with the low-angle light breaking through the trees, spreading its warm, golden beams as you advance amidst barks, branches and foliage. An invigorating trip.

Niro’s ‘Pieces Of You’ EP is out on PADS 12th October 2016, order a copy on Juno.


1. Hands Of Shadow
2. Inner Space
3. Pieces Of You
4. The Spectrometer

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