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Premiere: Goodnight – In My Mind

London’s GASS label tap Goodnight for an EP to follow the duo’s debut album, ‘Versions‘. Dubbed ‘Tangent‘, the EP develops, rather than diverts from, the album’s content.

Blending a collection of new wave and electronic shoegaze with tastes of downtempo pop, ‘Tangent‘ strikes as a must-listen for fans of the likes of Carla Dal Forno and HTRK — prime autumnal music, with more than a touch of melancholia ringing in the air after listening, but with overtones of strident and clear beauty.

In particular, ‘In My Mind‘ resonates well with the forms of the Australian musicians mentioned in the previous paragraphs. An undulating melody on an effects-stricken guitar overlaps with itself, reverb echoing over to form that glaze of sound so integral to the genre. Harmonising with this, plaintive vocals add to the mix. It’s rather hard to focus on the lyrics, and far easier to let the whole piece, bereft of drums, wash over in a haze.

‘Tangent’ is scheduled for release 29 October via GASS. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Tangent
2. Howl
3. In My Mind
4. V Rules
5. Tangent [Extended Dream Dub]