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Premiere: Gras – Untitled IV

Inaugurated earlier this year with a debut split from Berlin-via-Essen duo Skuffface and co-founder Caldera, Duisburg-based label Riviera Club are back in business with a mesmeric four-tracker courtesy of newly-established duo GRAS.

Having spent the past years delving into the fields of free jazz, noise and other forms of improvised music, Nils Herzogenrath and Edis Ludwig teamed up to explore further atmospheric depths, serving up four slabs of deep ambient techno carefully collected into a limited, hand-made 12″ edition.

Today’s premiere, the EP’s closer ‘Untitled IV‘ gravitates towards solemn climates and forlorn soundscapes. A subtle throb draws a linear pulse, breaking in hazy mantles of FXs to reach a highly emotional interlacing of strings and vox modulations – just like burying hands in the clay of times. A sublime off-road drift into spectral territories.

Gras EP is released via Riviera Club on August 30th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Untitled I
A2. Untitled II
B1. Untitled III
B2. Untitled IV

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