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Premiere: Ground Tactics – Violet Fire

Midgar has been rightly lauded for its pin-point selection from a dizzying array of artists operating in the field of techno, from Wata Igarashi to Ruhig via Susumu Yokota. Now, sub-label Midgar Sands return with a six-track extended player from Ground Tactics, suitably augmented with hyperreal artwork from label owner Jacopo.

Hybridising an expansive knowledge of techno with a burgeoning understanding of sound alchemy and musical symbolism, ‘Reality Implant‘ is a consummate follow-up release to ‘Eternal Now‘, the inaugural release on Midgar Sands. Where other artists fail in successfully navigating peaks and troughs of energy, Ground Tactics weaponises changing pace with apparent ease: a mark of quality throughout the EP.

Our premiere, ‘Violet Fire’, steps straight off the back of the EP’s opening track with floating kick drums joined with echoing reverb. The lead line crawls in, a broken ascending scale that collects around the ears, increasing the track’s acoustic pressure in anticipation of the deep strut of the closing minutes.

‘Reality Implant’ EP is scheduled for release 20 May. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Heat Wave
2. Violet Fire
3. Reality Implant 2020
4. Sublimation
5. La Belle Fête
6. Cnnctng Vssls (7Wndw Vrsn)