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Premiere: GusGus – Our World (Bjarki Swipe Right Remix)

Icelandic band GusGus ready their next album, and in preparation line up ‘Love Is Alone‘ EP, wrapped up with a remix from close friend and well-known techno producer Bjarki.

GusGus have a storied history: the forthcoming album ‘Mobile Home‘ marks the ever-changing groups’ 11th studio album in 25 years of recording together. Coming from the famously rather small island of Iceland places them in close contact with other Icelandic producers, as this collaboration with techno producer Bjarki only goes to show.

After a string of releases for Nina Kraviz’s трип (Trip) label and two albums on !K7, Bjarki has made a name for himself as a diverse dancefloor-oriented producer, with a diversity that extends to IDM and ambient. His remix of ‘Our World‘ cuts straight to the chase, a peak-time builder tool with just the right balance of euphoria and dark dancefloor magic.

There’s no hanging about — leaping right into the fray, the main lick kicks in right after the short, DJ-friendly intro. A full-tilt sprint from thereon, Bjarki blends straightforward and no-nonsense techno with the contorted push–and-pull of trance basslines. Subtle doses of vocal sampling and a cinematic second half, well in-keeping with the tracks’ trance heritage, finalise the piece.

Love Is Alone EP‘ is scheduled for release 30 April via Oroom. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Love Is Alone
2. Stay The Ride (Natty dub)
3. Our World (Bjarki Swipe Right Mix)
4. Higher (Nasty dUb)
5. Love Is Alone (Instrumental)