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Premiere: Håkan Lidbo – Sustain (Omar Santis Remix)

Fledgling label Envelope Audio are only two releases deep yet already seem to be working on an interesting concept. The double header idea is taken on an intriguing spin, with this release seeing fellow compatriots Omar Santis and the ever reliable veteran Håkan Lidbo on the billing.

Håkan provides ‘Sustain‘, which goes for low key tension while letting the energy come from the bass end of the register. Flipping over, we have Omar’s ‘Smör‘, a piece of fuzzy laid back acid heaven. The twist here comes with both artists meeting in the middle, with Håkan’s ‘Sustain‘ taken on a ride by Omar Santis, turning it into a fluid piece of cosmic dub. The meeting of minds proves to be the highlight of the release and we are proud to premiere.

‘Sustain’ EP is scheduled for release 15th December 2017, order a copy from Red Eye.


1. Sustain
2. Sustain (Omar Santis Remix)
3. Smör

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