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Premiere: Hassan Abou Alam – Shmoolaire

Nehza Records tee up their fourth release, a label debut from the amazingly talented Egyptian producer Hassan Abou Alam. For anyone not yet familiar, ‘Ice’ should provide a fine introduction to the artist’s unique bass-heavy sound.

Since 2010, the Hassan Abou Alam has been experimenting with a mixture of digital and analogue instruments and has developed an incredible live set (check out his Boiler Room live set here). He’s a savvy DJ too, but it’s his original productions that seem to really set him apart and have seen him land on labels such as Naive and Banoffee Pies.

A batch of varied, hard-hitting club tracks, his new EP for the Parisian label really is a home run. With viscous bass, demented vocals and next level sound design, ‘Shmoolaire’ is bound to whip dancefloors into a frenzy and is our pick from the record.

‘Ice’ is scheduled for release 23 September via Nehza Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Shmoolaire
2. Lost in a Jar of Thyme
3. Hollow in C#
4. Ice