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Premiere: Huerco S. – Latautii

James Healy’s impeccably curated label and compilation series ‘Air Texture‘ marks its 8th instalment, this time co-curated by Brooklyn-based selectors Anthony Naples and DJ Python.

Air Texture VIII‘ sidesteps the traditional ambient and modern classical leanings to instead explore uptempo and experimental workouts courtesy of a mainly US lineage of producers including contributions from Aurora Halal & DJ G., Waon P, Organ Tapes, Beta Librae, DJ Trystero, downstairs J and Meitei.

Our pick from the compilation is the dark ambient track from West Mineral Ltd label boss Huerco S. With a career spanning over a decade, Brian Leeds has defined himself as an unquestionable pioneer of the ambient realm, issuing 4 albums, 6 extended players, plus a swathe of remixes that demand your attention.

Latautii‘ is a sensationally deep and granular track laced with an undulating darkness, submerging listeners into a pensive bokeh of looped pads and whirring synths – music to make the heart yearn and the mind wander.

Air Texture VIII’ is out now via Air Texture. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Parris – springtime flows in three ways
2. Aurora Halal, DJ G – Off The Top
3. Mr. Curtains – Hop
4. Waon P – GHK
5. DINA – Skin Shed
6. Anthony Naples, DJ Python – Entouré
7. Organ Tapes – 14K 21
8. James Bangura – Per Ounce
9. Huerco S. – Latautii
10. Bitter Babe & Nick León – Ecotone
11. rrao – Zindagi
12. Beta Librae – Treble Stitch
13. DJ Trystero – Palisade
14. downstairs J – 1000 dumplings
15. Anthony Naples, DJ Python – Final Speaking
16. Meitei – Sankai (Meitei Remix)
17. Vertical Silence – Antonyms For Us
18. 5AM – Years