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Premiere: HVL – Moon Halo

Resident DJ at Bassiani, widely reputed as one of the finest clubs in Eastern Europe, Gigi Jikia alias HVL quickly rose above the competition with releases on Rough House Rosie, Perpetual Rhythms, Organic Analogue Records and Hesperian Sound Division, establishing as one of the spearheads of the new wave of Georgian underground artists, as well as a highly consistent electro merchant. Fresh off his latest outing on RHR, ‘Hidden Valley‘ EP, the Tbilisi-based artist bounces back with a pulsating, nostalgic new slice on Aleks’ imprint Lonely Planets Rec.

Comprised of four cuts bridging the gap between dusty earthly memories and the call of a distant future outside our galaxy, ‘Moon Halo‘ would fit like a glove the chromatic brilliance and solitary planet-to-planet wandering of No Man’s Sky, with its racing Detroit-flavoured grooves and opalescent pads, beautifully reflecting the elegiac, existential nature of the game. Built around a solid, dashing electro pulse, the title-track swings the pendulum between a washed-out ambient lean and post-Drexciyan underwater opaqueness – loaded with the same crucial vibrancy and allure that have you going back to it over and over again. Choice slice from an ace record.

Moon Halo is out now via Lonely Planets Rec., order a copy from Juno.


A1. Phaneron
A2. Enigma
B1. Spindizzy
B2. Moon Halo

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