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Premiere: Metropol – We Accept EBT

Today’s premiere comes from Metropol, a Brooklyn born-and-raised talent that finds a way to celebrate the summer solstice with “We Accept EBT”. A tune that captures the frenetic pace of his hometown during the summer rush ‘n tumble.

Between the claps and klaxons, this tune is a straightforward ascender to the dancefloor, especially as the summer heat rolls in. Be sure to check out the whole release. A four-tracker split alongside Bowery Hotline on Ethereal Beatbox, out on July 6th. In the meantime, get grooving to this one outside the cashpoint.

Bowery Hotline vs Metropol EP is scheduled for release on 22 July 2018, order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Bowery Hotline – You Tha One
2. Bowery Hotline – Fanfare Track
3. Metropol – We Accept EBT
4. Metropol – Half Court

Discover more about Metropol and Ethereal Beatbox on Inverted Audio.