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Premiere: Hypoxia – Hidden Conduct

Music that seeps through your skin, past the pores and buries into your bones is a rarity especially when it’s done in one take. Enter “Hidden Conduct“, the B-side on Division of Trust, being released today on Make Noise Records by founder Moe Espinosa, better known as Hypoxia for these types of tracks.

The Los Angeles modular maven has been busy releasing under his Drumcell alias, putting out more straightforward techno material, but with Hypoxia his sensibilities within creation are simple: live, one-take, no multi-tracking. Whatever imperfections lie are part of the conclusive piece of music. With results like these, we’re looking forward to all things Hypoxia moving forward, so long as it reaches the level of emotive hypnosis that “Hidden Conduct” achieves within its 9-minute run.

Division of Trust EP is out now, order a copy from Juno.


A. Hidden Error
B. Hidden Conduct

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