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Premiere: MANASYt – Mobile Pharmacy (Via App Remix)

Next up after a debut offering courtesy of Chilean producer Ricardo Tobar, Musar welcome Petar Tassev aka MANASYt for one of his signature oddball treats of weirdo, spandex-flex electro. His first EP since a split on Clueplant in 2012, ‘Reality Defense Department‘ marks the China-based Bulgarian experimentalist’s return to affairs after a five year hiatus and finds him doing what he does best, i.e. dishing out off-axis synth transmissions geared at awakening unknown forms of life from the most distant corners of the galaxy.

Punching in on the flip with a mind-shattering revamp of ‘Mobile Pharmacy‘ is Brooklyn’s ever on-form Via App. Taking the original further into claustrophobic territories, Dylan Scheer sure knows how to set a menacing vibe in the club, no matter the hour of the day. As she tweaks and modulates synth lines and stabs to morph them into the fast-track pendulum of a haunted mansion’s clock and gloomy croaking of hungry ravens, the ambience gets spookier with every bar, easing you into a labyrinthine crypt full of cobwebs and lost dancers’ remains. Proper feverish spine-chiller.

Reality Defense Department is scheduled for release 8th December 2017, order a copy from Juno.


A1 Memory Imprints
A2 Mobile Pharmacy
A3 Orthodox Spanking (Wax Stag Remix)
B1 Mobile Pharmacy (Via App Remix)
B2 Orthodox Spanking

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