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Listen back to a dancefloor-ready mix from Deapmash On Newtype Rhythms

The latest edition of our sister series comes loaded with a mix of modern rave regalia via talented French producer Deapmash. An up-and-comer whose penchant for biting techno immediacy has been there from the beginning; whilst always finding extraordinary ways to reach the peaks of a track and let listeners take the ride across the surrounding valleys.

With his most recent appearances on labels such as Hanger Management, Leisure System and THEM, Deapmash continues to tantalise and delight the senses with his new and forthcoming material, including a collaboration with Aquarian due out for release in 2018. A bit of his work with the Brooklyn-via-Toronto producer is in this mix, alongside tracks from Blawan, Kink and Shed.

If you’re primed for a dancefloor excursion, look no further than this episode of Newtype Rhythms. The guest mix starts as 48 minutes, with resident Sheepshead playing cuts from Bambounou, Laksa, Matrixxman, and more.


00:00 – 48:30 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Milieu – Burnt Rust
02. Laksa – Workout
03. Tom Dicicco – Vienna Gray
04. Pangaea – Something In Your Eye
05. Matrixxman – Procedure
06. Bambounou – Chrome
07. Stranger – Warehouse Memories
08. Scuba – Tracers (Deadbeat Remix)
09. Cleric x Setaoc Mass – Odyssey
10. Radio Slave – Feel The Same (Floorplan Remix 2)
11. R – Weight
12. Inigo Kennedy & Sigha – Minor Ascent

48:30 – END – Mixed by Deapmash

01. Avatism – Assimulation Ritual
02. Blawan – Atlas
03. Benjamin Damage – Off World
04. Phon.o – CLU5T3R
05. Dario Zenker – Koraimer Bro
06. Kink – A Taste Of Metal
07. WK7 – Rhythm 2 (Tripple H Mix)
08. Special Request – Curtain Twitcher
09. Tessela – Headland
10. Disx3 – Heroes
11. Dario Zenker – Der Schlern (ft. Philipp von Bergmann)
12. Lucy – The High Priestess (Blawan Remix)
13. Phon.o – V3R5U5
14. Aquarian & Deapmash – Untitled

Discover more about Deapmash on Inverted Audio.