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Premiere: Inger Illel – Amphitheatre

Following up last year’s ‘Millenial Hour‘ EP from Paromanormal, Czech imprint Amphibian Records line up the compilation ‘Swamp Motions‘, interlacing five rapid-fire techno weapons from label affiliates.

Consisting of Amphibian regulars including Inger Illel and INTT. As well as Lisbon-based Cravo, local hero Pink Concrete, and Rhythm Theory mastermind A.Morgan. The compilation shifts confidently through murky waters, channeling propulsive 4/4 techno with a sprinkle of bass and full-bodied trance.

Lifted from this caliginous compilation, we’ve selected the equally pounding and dramatic track ‘Amphitheatre’ as our pick. Forging a dense collection of tropospheric 4/4 techno patterns and trippy croaks, Prague-based producer Inger Illel delivers a morass lecture for speedball lovers.

‘VA – Swamp Motions’ is scheduled for release on 18 August via Amphibian Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. A.Morgan – Do It
2. Inger Illel – Amphitheatre
3. INTT – I Survive
4. CRAVO – Light Speed
5. Pink Concrete – Dawn To Dusk