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Premiere: J. Tijn – Beedle

After a top-notch first collab released two years ago – check out the excellent ‘Mor‘ if you haven’t, UAE-based imprint Bedouin welcome back Jesse Kuyé aka J. Tijn for their third outing of the year.

On ‘Sliema Sixteen‘, the Londoner whose plucky blends of fractured EBM mechanics and reshuffled grime-y motorik earnt him renown, delves further into off-kilter tech’y grooves, fragmentary patterns and wrong-footing syncopations. Said to have been “inspired by life on the touring circuit, taking its name from a night the producer spent in Sliema, Malta“, the record alternates high-powered transmissions and venturesome off-road excursions, fueled on blazing distortions and off-the-leash arpeggios that disclose an overwhelming maelstrom of paranoia and urgency.

Streaming in full through our channels, the brain-melting ‘Beedle‘ breaks the EP in with maximum impact. Weaving rough-hewn fractals of prismatic synth slivers and unflinching industrial rhythms gone stealth, Jesse keeps the adrenaline rushing and pressure rising. Through its spiraling ostinatos and craggy drum motifs, the track strays from beaten pathways to explore its own multiversical ambiguity with unfettered amplitude.

Sliema Sixteen is released via Bedouin Records on 11th May, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Beedle
2. Trinity
3. Gut
4. Sledge

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