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Premiere: Jason Kolàr – Avoiding the Obvious

Boutique Belgian imprint Dauw prepare to release ‘Liquid Rhythm‘, a new album from Jason Kolàr, who released his ‘Modified Perspectives‘ LP via the ever-essential Stroom in 2018.

Liquid Rhythm‘ follows a collection of previously unreleased works released on Dauw via cassette in June 2021, but as enjoyable as these pieces were, ‘Liquid Rhythm‘ stands as a more constructed body of work, sonically rendering the title’s poetic nature in cascading bells and soothing sweeps of synth-work across 10 unique but similar tracks.

There’s a very organic and analogue sound present across the album, a familiar touch to those interested in the likes of Midori Takada’sThrough The Looking Glass‘ — and who isn’t counted among that number? Importantly, Kolàr spares us Western fetishisation of the so called ‘Japanese Ambient‘, giving us a personal and unique derivation that straddles modern and ancient techniques.

Avoiding the Obvious‘ comes towards the close of the album, a point at which the listener is already well-submerged in peacable tones. The pace is unhurried, and the sounds slowly emerge, almost shy. It’s almost as if the listener is caught between two separate performances; harp strings tumble gently in a loose synchronisation to the billowing winds of the synth.

‘Liquid Rhythm’ is scheduled for release 28 January via Dauw. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Bells
2. Magic Random Exotism
3. I Have No Idea
4. Liquid Rhythm
5. A Soothing Walk
6. Sameiotics
7. Trigger
8. Avoiding the Obvious
9. Unrequested Interlude
10. Crystal Dreams