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Premiere: JK Flesh – Veneer Of Tolerance (Samuel Kerridge Remix)

Succeeding the ‘Forgiveness Of Blood Remixes’ release from Tensal in July 2023, Italian imprint KR3 returns with a 9-track remix compilation – courtesy of British techno mutant Justin K Broadrick, better known as JK Flesh.

Consisting of nine tracks, ‘Veneer Of Tolerance Remixes‘ features producers like 6dimensions label head honcho Steve Bicknell, Spanish wizard Reeko, Tresor’s affiliate Psyk, Paris-based producer Zadig, Huren, Samuel Kerridge and Rrose. Throughout the release, the consortium of producers prepares a sophisticated hex formula filled with anxious breaks, miscellaneous techno cuts, cloven-footed noise and climactic drones.

Our pick from the release is Samuel Kerridge‘s interpretation of ‘Veneer Of Tolerance‘ produced by JK Flesh – from its cryptic percussive introduction through its experimental drum & bass rhythms to its ghostly synthesizers, this track transports listeners into a floating metropolis where bewitched didgeridoos and digital anarchists live in harmony.

‘Veneer Of Tolerance Remixes’ LP is scheduled for release on 11th March via KR3. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Empty Words (Rrose Remix)
2. Veneer of Tolerance (Steve Bicknell Remix)
3. Veneer of Tolerance (Samuel Kerridge Remix)
4. Empty Words (Huren Remix)
5. Human/Nature (Reeko Remix)
6. Will All Be Done (Psyk Remix)
7. Veneer of Tolerance (Zadig / Day Is Dying Remix)
8. The Stranger (JK Flesh Revisit)
9. Veneer of Tolerance (Steve Bicknell Outro Version)