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Premiere: John Wright – Partial Object

Just like its envelope suggests, the music contained within John Wright‘s ‘Partial Object‘ presents a dynamic and kaleidoscopic picture of a range of genres and aesthetics: from new-age’y electronics through warped IDM and offbeat techno onto contemplative ambient scapes.

Drawing its title from notions in psychology and philosophy “such as desire and alienation and how they relate to certain musical forms especially in house and techno“, Wright’s debut album is the fruit of years of analogue and DAW experiments, showcasing both the producer’s intense versatility and a widescreen scope of practice.

Streaming in full over our channels today, the title-track ‘Partial Object‘ opens festivities on a supple trance-inducing tip. Expect a mind-expanding maelstrom of prismatic synth motifs and intoxicating arpeggios to unfold, ushering you into Wright’s psychedelic land of milk and honey just as elegantly as his sleek synthetic layers ebb and tide over ten minutes of endearing electronica.

Partial Object is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Partial Object
A2 E-x-i-t
A3. Pure Data
A4. Futura
B1. Wrought
B2. Far Out
B3. Depth of Field
B4. Know Your Ghost
B5. Temperate Zones

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