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Listen back to Meemo Comma’s extrasensory mix for Newtype Rhythms

Meemo Comma, the new alias of Objects Limited founder Lara Rix-Martin is a project that exists between sound perceived and sound achieved. Her album ‘Ghost On The Stairs‘ explores her dealings with APD (Audio Processing Disorder) and how she channels it towards her creative processes. With tracks like “Fear” and “Siren” effectively engaging synapses in every which way whilst “Online Persona” captures an anxious yet angelic percussive skip towards our respective Twitter feeds.

A singular voice within the world of electronic music, Rix-Martin contributes not only through her own music, but through Objects Limited, just recently releasing Jana Rush’s debut album ‘Pariah‘ earlier this year and releasing Ziúr’s ‘U Feel Anything‘ EP in partnership with Planet Mu this week; as her label features releases from an exclusively women and non-binary roster.

In-between releasing unique and excellent music from herself and others, she was approached by our sister radio show Newtype Rhythms to contribute a mix to the show and she has delivered something that needs to be listened to on a space colony dance floor. Anybody fancy a zero-gravity brain-rave? Meemo Comma has you covered. Her mix starts at 45:28 in with resident Sheepshead opting to play less dance floor material and more textural tones to lead into the guest mix. Vibe thoughtfully.


00:00 – 45:27 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Ron Morelli – Director Of (Acapella)
2. Kraftwerk – Transistor
3. Aphex Twin – Nannou
4. Hiroyuki Sawano – noname
5. Yoko Kanno – Keren Te Keren
6. Björk – Oceania
7. Nochexxx – Vision Feet
8. Kenji Kawai – Floating Museum
9. Asa-Chang & Junray – Mahou
10. Rei Harakami – pass

45:28 – END – Mixed by Meemo Comma

1. Missy Elliot – I’m Better (feat. Lamb)
2. Meemo Comma – Caturday
3. Jana Rush – Bac Up Rmx
4. Jana Rush – Beat Maze (Basic Rhythm Remix)
5. Meemo Comma – Friday
6. RUI-HO – Theia Impact
7. Meemo Comma – Lake Besides
8. Yoneda Lemma – Rainforest Mars
9. Krzysztof Penderecki – The Dream of Jacob
10. N-Prolenta – Cretin
11. Ziúr – Cipher
12. Jana Rush – Midline Shift
13. Ziúr – Collar Bone
14. Vivienne – You Are The Only Thing That’s Real
15. Eva Bowen – Dawn Warmth
16. Vivienne – Breast Bone

Discover more about Meemo Comma on Inverted Audio.