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Premiere: Khidja – Die Wilde Spirale

After a prolific 2016, which saw the release of Dorisburg’s stunning debut LP and the launch of a new sublabel called HVNX, here comes the first EP by Bucharest-based duo Khidja, ‘Impossible Holiday‘.

In eight years of activity Hivern Discs has forged its identity through diversity and open-mindedness, collating releases from contemporary deep house and techno maestros as the label’s founder John Talabot, Roman Flügel, Aera onto rising young producers such as Inga Mauer, JMII and LOR.

Exploring entrancing psychedelia by interlacing the influence of various musical eras and genres, Khidja – pronounced ‘khadeeja’ – progressively fashioned their signature sound: shuttling from the arabic dub tonalities of ‘Mustafa & Abdul‘ on Emotional Response and the acidic nu-jazz of ‘El Fadaa‘ on Malka Kuti further deep into the spaced-out house and techno territories of ‘Impossible Holiday‘.

Presented as one of their boldest transmissions to date, the four-tracker showcases the middle-eastern influences that characterise Khidja’s sound “under a new (darker) light”. Our pick, ‘Die Wilde Spirale‘, perfectly reflects the ragged inner soul of the EP: dogged hi-hats and percussions stand up to Kraut-ish eerie vocals and rough guitar chords, unveiling a mystic-imbued gloom a la Goya’s ‘Pinturas Negras’ tinged with a spin of glittery kosmische.

Impossible Holiday is released via Hivern Discs on 10th February 2017. Order a copy on Juno


A1.  Die Wilde Spirale
A2.  Pinnacles
B1.  Haetrin
B2.  Kraftfled

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