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Premiere: Kris Baha – 10Ways

Fearless explorer of uncharted waters and mystique-imbued sonic territories, Kris Bahoudian aka Kris Baha operates in the margins of all current mainstream trends, reclaiming and upcycling tropes from the past with a much daring anarchic stance. After gracing the grooves of platforms such as Bahnsteig 23, his own Power Station imprint and Malka Tuti as Die Orangen, his Frankensteinish collages of throbbing industrial, ragged steel and iron rhythms and dust-clogged EBM eventually turn up on Berlin’s finest Cocktail D’Amore this fall.

Taken from Baha’s upcoming 5-tracker ‘Autora‘, we’re glad to present the frantic Italo-industrial burner ‘10Ways‘, sure to inspire Giallo-esque terror on the dancefloor. A robot upheaval prepares as humans sleep soundly and the sound of the boots on the cobblestones has been replaced by that of a heavy metallic clang. A call to arms is ordained as encrypted radio waves silently travel from the great evil master’s HQ to his army of micro-chipped slaves, all set at reversing the established order. Laser blasters are locked and loaded, war is around the corner. Off-kilter to the max, this one’s sure to get the gauge into the red zone pronto.

Autora is released via Cocktail D’Amore on 13th November, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Autora
A2. Brink Reality
A3. Happiness Disaster
B1. 10Ways
B2. Start Over

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