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Superpitcher announces Tanda Tula Choir recordings album for Bush Recordings

Earlier this year we featured ‘Howl’, a track from Jürgen Eifler’s expansive Superpitcher project The Golden Ravedays. There is actually a wonderful tale of coincidence behind the track, which lies with the guest vocals provided by the Tanda Tula Choir. The connection came from an invitation Aksel received to go on safari to the Tanda Tula Camp in Africa, where he encountered the aforementioned performers on his first night. As he found the experience so captivating, more so than the entire safari itself, he offered to record the choir in order for them to have a physical CD to sell in their camp shop.

Now the recording is finding its way onto distant shores as Hippie Dance and Bush Recordings collaborate together to bring it to a wider audience. The original CD is now joined by a vinyl pressing plus a art poster of the Tanda Tula Choir themselves, which is described in a stunningly understated fashion as “very pretty”.

Available on 24th November, the Tanda Tula Choir’s self-titled album can be purchased from Kompakt. Superpitcher’s Golden Ravedays 4 is already available, and will be featured in the end of year box set comprising all twelve vinyl.


1. Drum introduction
2. 2. Uma ngi hamba nawe thuli u bizwa (When I walk with Thuli, they call her peacock)
3. Thembalami (My Trustworthy)
4. Sesi u hi komba mihlolo (My sister, she is a miracle)
5. Mandela u humile jele (Mandela is released from jail)
6. Koko rebolele (Please open the door for us)
7. Tanda Tula se yi cincile (Tanda Tula is change)
8. Mosadi yo mobotsi (A beautiful woman)
9. Tamanini (Hello, Hello)
10. Drum interlude
11. N’wa maxalana a nga a la ntumbuluko (Nwamaxalana refuses the nature)
12. A kuri na xinyenyana (There was a bird in the garden) Dolphin
13. Mukutsuri hosi ya mina (You are my saviour) Eric
14. Yehova xikwembu xanga (God is my king) Eric
15. Rirandzu ra yesu (Love of Jesus) Pretty
16. U nga rili nwana sesi (Please don’t cry my baby sister) Chris
17. Lo machine wa khuluma (Talking machine) Chris
18. Ngiri ngiri wo ngirimele kaya (I’m walking home) Chris
19. La la go nna (Rest with me) Clenny
20. Joko ya hao e bobebe (God’s belief makes my heart free) Clenny
21. Tatana hi vana va wena (Father, we are your children) Chris
22. Xisaka xa tuva manguvalawa (The nest of a bird) Magie
23. Tanda Tula se yi cincile (Tanda Tula has changed) Jenette
24. Modimo a li teng a kgo na matata (When god is around there is no problem) Harry
25. Key morata u wa ntata (I love God and he loves me) Stars
26. Wa la Matsidiso (Matsidiso is crying)
27. Madume dume dume (Hello everyone)

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