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Premiere: Lemme Kno – 1234567

Beautiful Swimmer by trade, Future Times honcho Andrew Field-Pickering aka Max D has been multiplying joint ventures and side-projects over the last couple of years, his collaborations with Steve Summers (Activated), Matt Papich (Lifted) and Jordan Czamanski (Zsa Gang) disclosing new dimensions to his shape-shifting body of work.

Fresh off the release of his gorgeous ‘Boost‘ LP, the Washington-based producer teams up with Morgan ‘DJ Isle O’ Man’ Buckley for Lemme Kno‘s debut 10″, scheduled for release on June 7th via Firecracker’s sub-label Unthank.

UNTHANK009‘ sees Field-Pickering and Buckley delve deep into luscious broken-beat-propelled house’y tropes and rough-hewn instrumental hip-hop’isms, reshaping well-tried patterns into a vibrant elixir of old-school witchery and forward-thinking patchworks, matching just as perfectly with the Edinburgh’s imprint mesmeric visual collages.

We’re no short of proud to premiere the pumping closer, ‘1234567‘, in full today – most certainly the track that fits Future Times cross-cut themes and jazzy dynamism like a glove here. A fertile ravey vibe doped on slashing drums and fierce snares, jump-roping bleeps and bloops taking care of the track’s melodic sublimation. Tasty as it gets.

UNTHANK009 is released via Unthank on June 7th, pre-order a vinyl copy from the label’s Bandcamp.


A1. The Tie With The Most Stripes
A2. Way (188 Krew Mix)
B1. 1234567

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