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Premiere: Liquid City Motors – Untitled 2

Hailing from Milwaukee, cutting-edge club focused label Close Up Of The Serene make their return with the second delivery from local producer Liquid City Motors. The three-track ‘Untitled 2‘ is scheduled for release on July 21st.

On ‘Untitled 2‘, which we’re glad to present you in full stream form, the US producer veers off on much more of a UK sound tangent, melding old-school jungle tropes with a slight US house feel and a pinch of footstep-inflected rhythms.

The key track here is the title one, with its frontal onslaught of breakbeat-propelled dynamics and sliced-and-diced cooing vocals, taking you back to the free-party heyday in sheer ’88 rave mode. Despite its title, ‘Funktional Mathematiks‘ is more of a chiller with its laid-back take on the classic breakbeat drum patterns.

Closing the EP, we find the not so cloudy ‘Cirrostratus (Iridescent Mix)‘, a track fusing light-hearted xylophonic arpeggios with a dashing footstep lilt. Liquid City Motors has a knack for rousing club weapons but also shows a quite compelling attitude in his search for functional yet open-ended sequences. ‘Untitled 2‘ is a fine promise.

Untitled 2 is released via Close Up Of The Serene on July 21st, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Funktional Mathematiks
2. Lafayette Hill
3. Cirrostratus (Iridescent Mix)

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