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Premiere: Akasha System – Vague Response

Hailing from Cascadia, Oregon, Akasha System has been striding across the US underground scene for the past couple of years, almost exclusively releasing music as Opaline through a variety of young innovative labels before eventually swearing in his new moniker with a self-released debut.

Vague Response‘, due out early next month via 100% Silk, makes for Thompson’s proper introduction to a wider audience. Deploying six cuts of smooth coastal house with a gleaming audio patina, the EP sounds like it’s put the sun in a bottle.

Our premiere, the title-track ‘Vague Response‘ takes you on a ride across idyllic coral reefs and shea butter-flavoured sound fields. Follow its lush exotic pathways and you’ll find welcoming moonlit blankets of pristine white sands opening up new horizons. A soothing, well tempered slice of summer. Delightful.

Vague Response is released via 100% Silk on August 5th.


1. Motion
2. Afterimage
3. Caves
4. Vague Response
5. Muted
6. Last Call

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