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Premiere: Distorted Portrait – Dirty & Smutty (Imre Kiss Rework)

After two VA’s released exclusively on digital, ‘The Best of Paperwork Vol.1 and 2‘, Croatia-based label Raw Paper Records step up with their debut solo twelve, courtesy of staple Italian duo Distorted Portrait.

On ‘Self Portrait‘, the pair don’t veer from their regular assemblage of blurred-out atmospherics and shuffling rhythms. ‘Dirty & Smutty‘ sports an apt name in regards to its scuzzy mixture of hyperventilating hats and opaque fumes of suspended particulates, skimming and dissolving as supple pad whorls take over the red-hot skyline.

Interesting to hear Budapest’s fine ambient-scaper Imre Kiss‘ take on the rough-hewn techno pulse of Distorted Portrait’s cockeyed club burners. Dipped in tape-saturated echo, his version gives full vent to opiate synth motifs and offbeat drumwork whilst a few moaning vocals pierce the thick hazy crust that covers its muffled movements. Deeper than deep.

Self Portrait EP is out now via Raw Paper Records, order a vinyl copy from Deejay.de.


A1. Dirty & Smutty
A2. Dirty & Smutty (Imre Kiss Rework)
B1. Self Portrait
B2. Black Rainbow

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