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Premiere: Lithe – Evva

Welcoming Australian producer Lithe into their ranks, London-via-Scotland label Meld Records are about to release their next EP. ‘92 Ends’ is steeped in bass-heavy UK techno flavours and is a confident musical statement from the Meanjin-based producer.

Releasing under this moniker since 2016, Lithe has been honing a detail-orientated sound that’s seen him land on labels such Flood, Club Late Music and Accidental Meetings. His productions have also been supported by artists such as Air Max ’97, object blue and Mor Elian among others.

From the plodding toughness or ‘Modd’ to the frantic percussion of ‘Lasik Channel’, there’s a level of technical finesse on Lithe’s new EP that one can’t help but be impressed by. The interplay of melodic and rhythmic elements is most pleasing on ‘Evva’, our pick from the release.

‘92 Ends’ is scheduled for release 14 October via Meld Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Modd
2. Yammer
3. Lasik Channel
4. Evva
5. Mashup