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Premiere: Lostlojic – Wings Of Lina

Presenting their 42nd release today, Kyiv-based imprint mystictrax mobilize thirteen producers to celebrate the resistance spirit of the Ukrainian military on their various artist compilation ‘COUNTEROFFENSIVE’.

Featuring Die Orakel’s affiliate Poly Chain, Raaven regulars Sider, Luschn and Lostlojic among others, ‘COUNTEROFFENSIVE’ spans bulletproof electro, abyssal acid, lucid experimental and speedrail techno. The sonic arsenal translates a foretaste for better days, with all proceeds going to Musicians Defend Ukraine.

Our pick from the premiere is ‘Wings Of Lina‘ by Volodymyr Baranovskyi, better known as Lostlojic. In between celestial utterances and chaotic justice, Lostlojic presents a realm of concrete, incorporating speedball electro rhythms, anxious synthesizers and post-industrial poetry inspired by Ukrainian’s satirical legend Lina Kostenko.

‘COUNTEROFFENSIVE’ is scheduled for release on 1st December via mystictrax. Order a USB copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aura Nox – Grey Skies
2. Sider – Peremoga
3. Luschn – Gadget Dance
4. Lectromagnetique – Lockheed Martin
5. Lefrenk – Gornia
6. Raavel – WKID
7. DJ KISSLOVE – Champion Sound
8. Distortion (UA) – Purple Rave
9. Poly Chain – Stolen Treasure
10. Ufaze – Nihilist
11. Radiant Futur – Clipdating
12. Bodro x Rusiiick – Vilna Dusha
13. Lostlojic – Wings of Lina