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Premiere: AshTreJinkins – Out The Way, In The Mix

Today we celebrate the release of LA-based beatsmith AshTreJinkins inaugural album on Leaving Records, helmed meticulously by fellow American producer Matthewdavid.

Deploying 11 tracks of gritty lo-fi beat work and scuzzed out electronics, ‘It’s Trash Now explores muffled strains of leftfield hip-hop – reminiscent of Matthewdavid’s ‘Outmind‘ released on Brainfeeder in 2011 – presenting a murky reflection of the producers penchant for abstracted beats and lucid dreamscapes.

Out The Way, In The Mix‘ is a masterstroke of simmering slowed down funk, skittering hip-hop and fractured downtempo ambiance, resulting in a hazy amalgamation of sandpaper strewn beat-driven music.

‘It’s Trash Now’ is scheduled for release 1st December via Leaving Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Myspace 2006
2. Drug Depressed
3. You Were Not Space Base Approved
4. Day One Archives
5. It’s Trash Now
6. Young Old Head (There for the Changes)
7. Not Coco Butter Enuff
8. Out the Way, in the Mix
9. Levels to This
10. Let’s Acknowledge the Fact That You Tried Me
11. We Not Lincoln