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Premiere: Marcel Fengler – Shitau

Marcel Fengler’s “Kyu” EP wasn’t always bound for his rapidly growing IMF imprint. It’s original destination was Ostgut-Ton as the logical progression onwards from his ‘Fokus’ long player. However this proves to be the drawing of the line under the Ostgut era and honing of efforts on IMF.

He couldn’t have picked a better EP to make a statement, with every track giving you the “yes mate” pursed lips and dimpled chin. While singling out a sole track for premiere was an unenviable task, the emotional weeping synths of  ‘Shitau’ nudged it just ahead of the competition.

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Scheduled for release on 10th June 2016, this little slice gives you a window into what is proving to be a compelling release. Pick up a copy from Juno.


1. Kyu
2. Shitau
3. Zen

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